Unique action heroes as special 3D printed business gift

The apps and website design firm Resoluut used to present itself with their own cartoons of action heroes. Micha Commeren, art director and partner at Resoluut, wondered whether those 2D cartoons could even more come to life as physical figures. Micha was looking for an original and innovative way  to present Resoluut to its customers and network. The action hero figures would become their new business cards. An innovative idea indeed! 3Dwergen is focused on originality and innovation by using 3D printing and Micha’s idea was the beginning of a challenging project!

First designed in 3D and then 3D printed

3Dwergen took the twelve existing 2D cartoons of Resoluut as a basis to create 3D models of the action heroes. Every employee at Resoluut has his/her own action hero. We paid much attention to the proportions and postures of the cartoons to retain the original style. The back and side views of the models still had to be imagined: a creative challenge!
Then the 3D models 3D printed full color and small statues. One model even has a 3D printed transparent space helmet!

3D printing offers opportunities for innovative marketing

3D printing now makes creations possible that were previously impossible to produce or were too expensive in small quantities. The rapid development of the 3D printing market is similar to that of the Internet market in 1995. A much better connection between the digital internet world and the physical world has now become a reality. We are going to see many more unique and personal creations on the market. That is so much better than mass marketing, right?

Action heroes to be proud of!

The 3D printed action heroes are a result of which Resoluut and 3Dwergen are proud of and happy to present to you! That is how it is supposed to be with action heroes, right?
Isn’t it a result that puts a smile on your face?

Would you like to know more? Please follow or contact Nanning de Jong at 3Dwergen:
Nanning de Jong

Thanks to the team and Resoluut action hero George Koultouridis (Tarzan) for the photos!
Please have a look at the replies of Resoluut’s customers on their blog (in Dutch).

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