So many cool reactions about the action heroes for Resoluut!

So many cool reactions about the 3D printed action heroes for Resoluut by 3Dwergen

Resoluut asked 3Dwergen if their action hero cartoons could be transformed into 3D printed action hero business cards. Yes, of course! The results inspired people from around the world to write about it. So cool! Here is a small recap:

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This is how the 3D printed action heroes as business cards turned out:
New businesscards for @resoluut heroes: <a href="" class=""></a>George Koultouridis
Last week @AnneHeijkoop handed me over her business-eh.. card? Awesome stuff from the guys at @resoluut! #3D <a href="" class=""></a>Cyrille Rentier
People’s reactions started coming in. So cool to read them!
Seriously cool RT @PSFK: Dutch agency @Resoluut creates personalized figurines of its employees w/3D printer: <a href="" class=""></a>Marije Kaashoek
Now THIS is #cool » Agency Replaces Traditional Business Cards w/ 3D-Printed Action Figures <a href="" class="">…</a> v/ TAXIMia Bella
@resoluut Your 3D-printed super hero business cards? Oh yes. WANT. <a href="" class=""></a> @imaterialiseCami Travis-Groves
Look what creative people in Holland reimagined business cards as…<a href="" class=""></a>Jamie Pither
3Dwergen – Unique Business Gifts, #3DPrinted <a href="" class="">…</a> <- I like it when the word unique is used properly! @nanningdejongRachel Park
All major 3D printing & Maker Movement blogs started writing about it:
Take a look @resoluut’s "Incredible" #3Dprinting business cards: <a href="" class="">…</a>personalize
Supertoffe action hero 3D visitekaartjes voor @resoluut door @nanningdejong van #3Dwergen! <a href="" class="">…</a>Ground3d
3D Printed Business Figures <a href="" class=""></a> #3dprintingFabbaloo
3D printing brings a new dimension to business gifts <a href="" class="">…</a> #3dprinting #3dprinter #3ders @nanningdejong3D printing & 3Ders
Watch out for our super heroes! #3Dprinting #multicolor #imaterialise <a href="" class="">…</a> <a href="" class=""></a>i.materialise
3D-Printed Superhero Figurine Business Cards <a href="" class=""></a>MAKE
And international publicity for Resoluut: from USA to Japan and from Turkey to Venezuela!
Resoluut turns their illustrated superheroes for each employee into 3D printed business cards! <a href="" class=""></a>
オランダのクリエイティブエージェンシーによる、“3Dプリンタを使った”唯一無二の名刺 <a href="" class="">…</a> @blogtimesblogさんからブログタイムズBLOG
Her Tasarımcı Bir Süper Kahramandır <a href="" class="">…</a>bigumigu
Agency replaces traditional business cards with 3D-printed action figures <a href="" class=""></a>TAXI
Resouult Superheroes: La agencia holandesa @resoluut decidió representar a cada uno de sus integrantes… <a href="" class=""></a>Nicolás Violante
"Sustiye las tarjetas personales por originales figuras impresas en 3D" Olé! <a href="" class=""></a> #3Dfigures /via @StudioPantomimaResoluut
Dutch agency @Resoluut creates personalized figurines of its employees using a 3D printer: <a href="" class=""></a> #3DprintingPSFK
3D business cards: @Resoluut prints up a hero. <a href="" class=""></a>Stimulant
Is this the new recruitment way for creative agencies? Wouldn’t you like to work here?
This is the place to work! We’re so doing this 😀 – Agency replaces business cards with 3D printed Action Figures <a href="" class=""></a>sqrall
Want to work here! – Dutch agency @Resoluut creates personalized figurines of its employees using a 3D printer: <a href="" class=""></a>Alan Firmin
hey @resoluut can i work for you so that i can get a 3d contact figure of myself? – great idea and execution – <a href="" class=""></a>Daniel Lynds ∴
International blogs writing about 3Dwergen’s marketing innovation by turning fantasies into unique business gifts:
#3Dwergen – Unique Business Gifts, 3D Printed <a href="" class="">…</a> via @3dprintindustry #3dprinting #3d #design3D Printing Industry
ビジネスの世界も、よりカラフルでオリジナリティー溢れる世界へ【販促物やコーポレートギフトを3Dプリンタで作る専門店「3Dwergen」がオープン】<a href="" class=""></a>長沼博之
Paolo Furini #B2B #Marketing News is out! <a href="" class="">…</a> ▸ Top stories today via @JulieBurstein @nanningdejong @IBMCCLGEPaolo Furini
Who had expected such an impact? #proud!