Presentation at Realism Art Fair Amsterdam 2014 about 3D printing for sculpted art

With the invention of photography in the 19th century, many people feared for the future of drawings and paintings. Would the new medium replace these ancient art forms? In the end it did not go that fast. And many artists were the first to embrace these new mediums as a tool or as a means of expression.


How can sculptors, artists and museums use 3D scanning and 3D printing?

With the many possibilities of the 3D printer and the interest of the art world, the question arises what role the 3D printer is going to play in art. 3Dwergen worked on the Digital Art Robbery exhibition in Utrecht, where consumer 3D scanners were used to ‘rob’ museums in Utrecht and exhibit the stolen art pieces later as 3D prints. There is a compelling public discussion! It is also generates new opportunities for museums.
Nanning Jong 3Dwergen presented on this during the Realism art fair 2014 in Amsterdam.

Dutch presentation: 3D printing – a new medium in sculpture art

The 3D printing symposium program during the Realism Art Fair Amsterdam 2014

Anne Berk, sculptor and art historian, writer &  filmmaker

Nanning de Jong, founder of 3Dwergen

Caspar Berger, a sculptor who uses the 3D printer

Eric van Straaten, a visual artist who uses the 3D printer

Sanne ten Brink (Chairman), Senior Curator of the ING Collection.

Time: Thursday, January 16, 2014, 15:00 pm Location: Passenger Terminal Amsterdam, Waterfront Hall

The fair can be visited from 16-19 januari 2014.