Presentation at NLE Innovation day: 3D printing in the energy market

Nanning de Jong of 3Dwergen presented at the innovation panel day of Nederlandse Energie Maatschappij (NLE) about 3D printing in the energy market.

We demonstrated a live 3D printer and 3D scanner to completely immerse the participants of the NLE innovation day in the world of 3D. The participants also received 3D printed cuff links in the shape of smart thermostat Anna at the end of the day.

NLE logo

3D printing is just starting in the energy market. Some examples of applications are:

  • 3D printing at location that are hard to reach, like offshore wind parks and oil/gas platforms
  • Metal 3D printing of reactor components and gas burners, for more effective and efficient use of energy
  • Solar energy to directly 3D print in the Sahara
  • 3D printing of lenses for more efficient solar power
  • Customizing the light switches in your house
  • Adding conduits to your house with 3D printers
  • 3D printing electronics directly in the product (chips, conductive ink)
  • 3D printing batteries in special shapes and applications

Please find more examples in Nanning’s presentation (in Dutch):

3Dwergen 3D printer demonstratie

Also a live 3D printer and 3D scanner were demonstrated in cooperation with Frank Broos of FlexForm . One of the innovation panel day participants was scanned. Please find the result below.

NLE Innovatiepanel dag met live 3D printer