Presentation at Hager: 3D printen – opportunities for the installation market

Nanning de Jong presented about 3D printing in the installation market at the Update event of Hager. We also organized a live 3D printing demonstration and showed 3D printed light switches and power outlets.

Nanning de Jong van 3Dwergen bij Hager Update over 3D printen

Many people heard something about it: ranging from 3D printed canal house to 3D printed selfies. But did you already make something with it? What can you really do with it as a building services engineer? What are the opportunities now and in the future?

Nanning de Jong van 3Dwergen presenteert bij Hager Update over 3D printen

We showed a concept that creates extra value by combining building services technologies and 3D printing. For instance in children’s bedrooms. We also brought actually 3D printed light switches and power outlet frames with us. Ranging from qualities from industrial 3D printers to desktop 3D printers for at home, which we showed during a live 3D printing demonstration. Wondering what you could do with it in building services? Wondering how your customer would value it?

3Dwergen 3D printen bij hager_update_3d2

Michel Heijnekamp of Hager also presented about Hager’s vision for the use of 3D printing and how Hager is using it already as rapid prototyping tool. 3D printing will also become normal for small series production, spare parts and customized products in building services.

Michel Heijnekamp bij Hager Update over 3D printen