How 3Dwergen realizes your marketing campaign?

3Dwergen creates custom gifts that are completely based on your wishes:

Step 1: Choosing a concept & materials

  • Please send your company logo or gift idea to 3Dwergen
  • 3Dwergen will contact you to discuss your wishes detail
  • 3Dwergen designs and 3D prints a first prototype
  • We discuss further details and decide on the final design

Step 2: 3D design with a CAD drawing

  • 3Dwergen makes a final 3D design and shows it to you

Step 3: 3D printing

  • After your approval, 3Dwergen manufactures your customized gift with 3D printers, packages it in a gift box and sends it to your customers.

The result: an unique and personal gift for your customers!

What follow then is the surprise on the face of your customer. Priceless!

Please have a look at our video of the steps and the 3D printed result:

Would you like to know more? Please contact Nanning de Jong at 3Dwergen.