3D scanning of art pieces from museums: exhibiting “The Digital Art Robbery”

Did you ever dream of robbing a precious art piece? Nanning de Jong of 3Dwergen participated in a SETUP team to capture art with 3D scanners and reproduce them with 3D printers. SETUP organizes an 3D Do-It-Yourself exhibition in Leidsche Rijn, together with the seven main museums of Utrecht: ‘The Digital Art Robbery’.


3D scanning art objects

Nanning used a 3D scanner to capture a portret bust from 1729, a Roman sculpture nicknamed ‘Yoda’ and a Roman vase in the Central Museum of Utrecht.


Also an antique anatomical model of a slug was 3D scanned in the University Museum Utrecht.

Exhibition ‘The Digital Art Robbery’

The robbed art pieces were 3D printed and are now exhibited until august 18th 2013 in the exhibition ‘The Digital Art Robbery’. Please visit it from Thursdays until Sundays from 11.00 am – 06.00 pm.

Location: ‘Het Gebouw, Hogeweide 3, Utrecht (Leidsche Rijn), the Netherlands.

Participate in the discussion about digital art robberies with 3D scanners

When art objects can be copied by just taking some pictures and using a 3D printer, this raises several questions about cultural heritage, copyright law and creative freedom. The SETUP team invites you to participate in this discussion.

Please read more (in Dutch) at: http://kunstroof.setup.nl/