Keynote presentation at 3D Publishing Conference: 3D printing as new business opportunity for the content industry

Nanning de Jong of 3Dwergen was a keynote speaker at the joined 3D Publishing Conference, Converging Media Conference and Augemented Media Conference 2014 in Amsterdam.

Converging Media Conference 3d publishing conference Augmented Media Conference

3D printing is hot. The technology is growing up and new business opportunities are there to grasp.
Many new entrants are entering the market and major 3D printing companies like Stratasys and 3D Systems are consolidating to create wide-ranging 3D printing platforms.

3D Publishing Platforms

Not only companies with a 3D printing background like 3D printer manufacturers and 3D printing services set up 3D publishing platforms, but also companies from other industries, like gaming and animation, are moving towards 3D printable content.

3D publishing platforms create new value in e-commerce by offering great 3D models, new ways of co-creating content and setting up new supply chains to make physical products in innovative ways.  What are the opportunities for content publishing companies in this exciting market?

Nanning de Jong of 3Dwergen at 3D Publishing Conference 2014