Innovating applications with 3D printing


We have business development expertise in the field of 3D design, 3D scanning and 3D printing. We analyze markets, and advice on strategies, business cases and suppliers. Founder Nanning de Jong also regularly presents at conferences and workshops.


We make 3D designs and 3D scans for marketing, communication and product development. We work with a variety of companies, but also artists and museums. From prototype and product development to tangible endproduct.


We develop products and organize product launches. We deliver tangible results with 3D printers.

"3D printing: to boldly go where no one has gone before"

Adapted from Star Trek


Nanning de Jong joins Berenschot management consulting firm

On 16 November 2016, Nanning de Jong (35) joined Berenschot as Managing Consultant.

His responsibilities include assignments relating to digital transformations of (industrial) companies through, for example, 3D printing / additive manufacturing and blockchain technologies.

Over the past five years, De Jong ran his own companies in the field of 3D printing, including 3Dwergen and Super Tangible BV. Prior to that, he worked for The Bridge business innovators of Twynstra Gudde and for Johnson & Johnson.

Presentation at NLE Innovation day: 3D printing in the energy market

Nanning de Jong of 3Dwergen presented at the innovation panel day of Nederlandse Energie Maatschappij (NLE) about 3D printing in the energy market.

We demonstrated a live 3D printer and 3D scanner to completely immerse the participants of the NLE innovation day in the world of 3D. The participants also received 3D printed cuff links in the shape of smart thermostat Anna at the end of the day.

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Our super hero project in the Museum of Communication

GO3D 3D print tentoonstelling logo Museum voor Communicatie Den Haag

The Museum of Communication in The Hague presents ‘GO3D’, the first exhibition in the Netherlands that shows the importance and impact of 3D printing in all aspects. What is it? Where is it applied and what influence has 3D printing on the relationship between manufacturers and consumers? The innovative manufacturing opportunities lead to a ‘makers revolutions’ according to experts. The Museum of Communication shows contemporary examples and a vision of the future.

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Book publication: The Power of Platforms – 3D printing platforms

The Rathenau Institute and Vakmedianet published a book on new strategies for innovating in a digitalizing world. Nanning de Jong analyzed the upcoming 3D printing platforms in this book.

De Kracht van Platformen - 3D printen - platformen in de maak - door Nanning de Jong Super Tangible en Maurits Kreijveld Rathenau Insituut 1920 Several companies in the manufacturing industry are building integrated 3D printing platforms by mergers and by bringing new products to the market. 3D Printing becomes rapidly mature and changes the manufacturing process. The entire process from design and development to production and distribution gets digitalized. With possibly disruptive consequences: new earnings models, new power distributions and a new logic for innovating. The Netherlands has several manufacturers of 3D printers for home use, a lively network of FabLabs and a trend setter as Shapeways that grows rapidly in the USA. Meanwhile, several dynamics can be observed in the market. American players like 3D Systems and Stratasys are acquiring (Dutch) companies and become suppliers of integrated 3D printing solutions for major industries and home users. Their business comes from the sale of 3D printers, the materials and 3D printed end products. The Dutch AddLab bundles companies from the manufacturing industry to develop 3D printing capabilities together. What do these developments mean for the future of 3D printing in The Netherlands? What companies are already taking strategic positions, are seeking dominance or try to monopolize designs? What changes in the innovation dynamics?

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