Do you have a great idea for a marketing action or business gift and would you like to realize that in 3D? 3Dwergen transforms your company logo or fantasy into a 3D design and makes it with 3D printers.

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  • Step 1: concept & materials

    3Dwergens creates a 3D concept based on your idea (for instance your company logo) or fantasy. Together we decide on the right concept and we pick the right material to use.

  • Step 2: 3D design

    Secondly, 3Dwergen makes a final 3D design (a digital CAD-drawing).

  • Step 3: 3D printing

    Thirdly, we make physical objects with 3D printers from the 3D design. The result is a personal and unique gift for your relations!

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How marketeers could use 3D printing for marketing actions

Most marketeers will not have missed this: 3D printing is hot. It makes the news headlines daily and it is all over the blogs. That offers opportunities for innovative marketing actions that stand out. But how could you use 3D printing for a successful marketing action?

The 3D printer as a marketing tool

The developments of 3D printers have surged in the last couple of years. It is now possible to create show models and end-user products with it. In many different materials: from plastics to gold. And even in full color, which will really fit your company logo or corporate style well. You also do not have to take the expensive startup costs of mass production into account anymore, so smaller series have become feasible. The quality and cost price is now so good that 3D printing has become feasible as a marketing tool.

Marketing innovations are now possible with 3D printing

You are not dependent anymore on mass produced business gifts as a marketeer: no standard pens and USB-sticks that you can find at any conference. With 3D printing you can create unique products that really fit your marketing objective and company. 3D prints can be personalized for your individual customers by integrating their needs, company logo and style. Designers now have way more design possibilities, as 3D printing gives them freedom of shapes. New products can now be thought of that would have been impossible to produce some time ago. We need to unlearn the design rules and design language of the past. Many ‘weird’ and innovative ideas can now be realized.

Extra media attention by using the 3D printing hype

3D printing gets a lot of media attention and is obviously in a hype. Many people might have heard by now of 3D printing, but most will not have touched it and experience the magic of the 3D printing possibilities. 3D printed marketing actions have a potential to be spread virally through social media and blogs. Wouldn’t you want to show your friends such cool things?

Synergy of 3D printing with other marketing materials

3D printed marketing products can be used well in cooperation with other marketing materials: for instance with paper based or online media. The wow-factor of 3D prints can be increased by designing special packaging  for it. The magic of “how does it work?” can be used by shooting a nice video of the production and application. 3D prints can also interact with websites or apps by embedding electronics, by interacting with touch screens or with augmented reality of Layar.

3Dwergen transforms ideas into 3D printed marketing actions

3Dwergen helps you to think of great marketing actions that really fit your company and strategy.  A cartoon of every Resoluut employee was transformed into 3D printed business cards in the shape of a superhero. This got worldwide media attention: from Japan to the USA and from Turkey to Venezuela. So cool to collect them all! Continue reading…

3D geprinte action hero's als visitekaartje - 3Dwergen

3D geprinte vulkaan van Yes2web, gemaakt door 3DwergenWe also helped to turn Yes2web’s logo into a 3D printed volcano, that is being used as a ‘tomb stone’ when a project is finished.

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